Adopted at the Societyís AGM on 1 October 2006; amended at AGM 9 August 2015. Second revision agreed at AGM 12 August 2018.Third revision agreed at AGM 15 August 2020.

  1. Name

    The name of the society shall be the "Unitarian Music Society" (UMS) hereafter referred to as "the Society".

  2. Aims

    The aims of the Society shall be:

    1. to provide a focus for all Unitarians interested in music, particularly its role in Unitarian worship.
    2. to provide music education in the widest sense.

  3. Membership

    Individual Membership is open to all on the basis of payment of an annual subscription, rates to be decided at the AGM. Church Membership is open to all Unitarian and Free Christian congregations and fellowships on the payment of an annual donation (also to be determined at the AGM) and nomination of a named contact person.

    Membership will be deemed to have lapsed if the memberís annual subscription is not paid within six months of the end of the previous accounting year.

  4. The Committee

    The Committee shall be composed of three Officers - Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to eight other Committee Members, all of whom must be members of the Society. The Officers and other Committee Members are appointed on an annual basis through election at the AGM. Existing Committee Members may stand for re-election.

    Nominations for Officers or other Committee Members may be made to the Secretary at any stage prior to the election process.

    At any point during the year, the Committee may co-opt additional committee members to assist in carrying out its responsibilities

    Conference Organisation shall be undertaken by a subgroup of Committee and other ordinary members with a named Convenor formed within 1 month of the AGM, and with the approval of the Committee as a whole.

  5. Responsibilities of the Committee:

    1. The Chairman shall oversee the general running of the Society and chair the AGM and any other meetings.
    2. The Secretary shall maintain up-to-date lists of membership, deal with correspondence on behalf of the Society and provide information to members regarding meetings and subsequently make available minutes of those meetings.
    3. The Treasurer shall manage the Society's finances and provide independently examined annual accounts for the AGM. The Society's financial year shall be from 1st July to 30th June.
    4. The Conference Organiser subgroup shall arrange an annual conference for members at which the AGM shall take place.
    5. The Committee shall, either as a group or by appointing an individual, be responsible for production of the Society's newsletter.
    6. Members of the Committee shall assist the Officers in helping the Society fulfil its aims on behalf of its members.

  6. The President

    The Society may invite an appropriate person to become President of the Society, an honorary role involving support for the work of the Society as the incumbent considers appropriate. The position shall normally be held for an unspecified length of time, any cessation being at the discretion of the role-holder or the Society's membership.

  7. Decision making

    Key decisions (beyond those made by the Committee in the day-to-day running of the Society) shall be made at the AGM or any Extraordinary General Meeting convened for such a purpose. Members are to be notified of such meetings at least two weeks in advance.

    Election of officers, approval of accounts and any other issues which require a decision by the Society (apart from those specially provided for later in this document), shall be decided on the basis of a simple majority of those present by a show of hands, except that a ballot shall be held instead if there is any such request from the membership. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

    Decisions to change the constitution or to wind up the Society require a 2/3rd majority of those present.

    Meetings shall be quorate if at least 20 individual members (or 20% of the membership, if less) are in attendance.

  8. Dissolution

    If, as provided for above, the Society's membership decides to wind up the Society, any residual funds and assets shall be transferred to the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches.